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Our new DSP (Dynamic Scheduling & Planning) system went live in Q2 2023. The system automatically picks up data around the weight of the customers vehicle and if it is roadworthy, to determine which weight class of carrier we need to despatch and whether the vehicle can be driven. The system calculates the optimum date, time and field agent to collect, based on mileage and travel time from bookings already scheduled. It also selects the optimum delivery point based on the acceptable delivery points stored in each clients file in our systems, referring to time limits set in SLA’s for collection. In repossession cases where we cannot contact the customer, the system will book in visits for field staff using the same criteria. In the case of a repossession visit that doesn’t result in a vehicle collection, it immediately books a follow up visit within our internal timescales for field visits.


All vehicle condition reports & delivery receipts are produced on our award winning mobile apps. They include a 63 point check, 9 vehicle photo’s and signature capture. Our system automatically dispatches these documents, along with a final case report within 5 minutes of a vehicle being delivered, to your preferred email distribution list. All case invoicing is automated on the back of this coding, ensuring only correct, agreed fees can be charged.


Our vehicles are tracked to street level enabling us to monitor performance and to react quickly to urgent collections. It also provides evidence of where our vehicles have been. Automated reports allow us to monitor workloads and agent performance.


We have deployed a full onboard CCTV system across our fleet. This enables us to download footage of the majority of collections and due to rear facing as well as front facing cameras, to ensure that all carried vehicles are transported only on the correct specification recovery vehicle. Management can view the cameras in real time from their desk or mobile, allowing them to assess any situations on the ground prior to authorising any given action.


Our new, automated VS solution turns what is currently an up to six week process for most clients, into a 1 hour process.

Upon agreeing a VS with a customer, clients are able to create a basic case on our system portal. Our system will then immediately create and dispatch the relevant VS document to the customer for e-signature using two factor authentication. Once signed, our system sends a signed copy to the customer and client, creates a full case on our system and begins our automated contact strategy to arrange collection of the vehicle.

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Our new intelligence dashboard provides a graphical display of all performance and KPI metrics, broken down by case type and date range. The graphs feature full drill down functionality to individual case histories. All data is updated in real time.


Our secure client portal includes multi factor authentication if required, access to individual cases and histories, system screen access including vehicle data, photographs and fees, KPI metrics and a full governance section, enabling full remote auditing.

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